Metacognition Course in Graphic Design

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Graphic design is an important skill of the future that is required by advertisers, Content creators, UX designers, and web developers.

Benefits of this course: You will learn:

  • Effective brainstorming methods
  • Creating mood boards
  • Colour theory
  • Fundamentals of design and graphic design
  • Presentation Skills and Techniques

In this course, we look at the habits of mind of successful designers to create essential content that promotes awareness in brand identity, and how it helps pupils create designs that stand out in a heap of competing strategies.


Our Course Designers

Prof. Vinay Saynekar

Design Educator,
Type Designer & Calligrapher

Dr. Aditee N Vaidya

Researcher & Designer

Saurabh Karandikar

UX Analyst &


Our Domain Experts

Prof. Bill Lucas

Social Entrepreneur, Author, Researcher and Motivational Speaker

Dr. Lynne Bianchi

Director, Science & Engineering Education Research and Innovation Hub

Dr. Vinod Indurkar

Tagore Professor of Fine Arts
Chairperson – Art Education,
National Focus Group at Ncert

Dr. Prajakta Parvatikar

Educator, Mentor-Motivator,
Designer, Orator

Ani Kaprekar

Storyteller, Actor, Host

Ajinkya Sutar

Brand Designer, Illustrator

Sudeep Gandhi

Visual Designer, Calligraphist

Omkar Mahashabde

Illustrator, Visual Storyteller

Indraneel Shelar


Important Information

Course Details, Eligibility and Duration

What is unique about this course?

  • This programme is a unique blend of knowledge in the subjects of Metacognition, habits of Mind and Graphic design to stimulate creative thinking, design thinking, problem solving and about teamwork.
  • This programme is a substantive Professional Development for Educators/Professionals/beginners.
  • As consumption of visual aid in the industry increases, the creating of content is as important as understanding it. The rationale is to grow creators, not consumers.

What are the learning outcomes and assignments?

There are Four modules with four learning outcomes each as detailed below. There is a written assignment at the end of each module which you will need to write and submit. You will be assessed against these and individual feedback will be provided.

There are marks that will be allocated to each learning outcome and for you to pass this course, you will need a minimum score of 50%.

Information on course modules

  • Module 1
    • Evaluate some definitions of metacognition and study the evolution of graphic design.
    • Understand some of the terms associated with metacognition and graphic design.
    • Introduce ten Metacognition Skills.
    • Understand six Habits of Mind (HoMs).
    • Provide introduction to Graphic Art, Fine Art, and Craft.
    • Learn in-depth towards the topic of Art History and Tradition.
  • Module 2
    • Undertake an in-depth analysis, Key Principles and elements for Better Design Composition.
    • Provide an understanding of the science and art fundamentals of Color theory.
    • Analyse the rationale for the selection of elements in design.
    • Provide knowledge philosophy, concept, principals, definitions, components and tools required for Graphic design.
  • Module 3
    • Understand the importance of reflective practice in improving the ability to apply the metacognitive knowledge and habits of mind gained through this programme in professional artworks/ practice.
    • Guide you towards Knowledge of Components of an Artwork / Elements.
    • Provide knowledge of Perspectives, 2D Design skills, 3D design skills.
    • Understand what is Accessibility in design, Brainstorming, Collaborative learning, Ideation Techniques.
  • Module 4
    • Provide knowledge of importance of creative thinking.
    • Let one understand the career opportunities he/she would be exposed to as a graphic designer.
    • Provide an understanding of the similarities and differences technologies and computer software’s needed to be a Graphic Designer.
    • Enable understanding of how the enquiry process of developing a portfolio for presentation purpose.
    • Guide you to evaluate the metacognitive progression one has developed on understanding the basics of graphic designing.

What is the course duration?

The course will need 20 hours of study time and 50 hours of assignment preparation time and can be completed within 4 months of registration. Since the course is online, candidates can complete the course at their convenient time and schedule.

What is this course about?

As the name suggest this is about metacognition in graphic design and its basis.

Graphic design is a craft where professionals create visual content to communicate messages to masses as well as classes.

By applying visual hierarchy and page layout techniques, designers use typography and pictures to meet users’ specific needs and focus on the logic of displaying elements in interactive designs, to optimize the user experience. It is a tool that help establish social presence for ideas, businesses, services for all organizations.

Understanding of this craft has become a necessity for people from all fields and walks of life. Metacognition in Graphic Design will leverage one’s communication skills.

What will you get at the end of the course?

Candidates are assessed at the end of each learning outcome which will have passing marks. The Candidate that secures 50% or more in the overall course will pass the course.

Those who cannot secure the required percentage for passing, will be offered one free re-sit i.e. he/she will be able to re-do the assignments again and re-submit them.

However, if he/she still fails to clear then he/she will get another chance by paying the prevailing rate of the course at that time.

Once passed the Candidate will get a certificate that will be issued by the parent company of the course provider and that is ASTML (Academy of Science Technology and Management Limited) for CiriBloom and for successfully passing the course in Metacognition in Graphic Design that is endorsed by the top quality assurance company in the UK – Insititute of CPD.

Your re-sit attempts will not be reflected on your certificate.

As our course alumni they will have access to our webinars and interactions with course developers and other eminent educationists that CiriBloom will continue to host on its platforms.

What is the eligibility criteria?

If you are planning to take this course then you should have:

  • SSC or equivalent OR
  • Graduation in any discipline OR
  • Diploma in Education OR
  • Higher Secondary Diploma (12th or A-Levels) OR
  • Passed/attempted Higher secondary exams

How do I access the course and start using it once enrolled?

  • You can pay for this course through an internationally activated credit or debit card using our registration link. You can also pay using your PayPal account.
  • Once you have paid you will be a registered student of our computer science course and will have access to our training material.
  • The course is planned in a systematic way i.e. upon registration you will be explained what this course is about, how it is designed, its layout, how to access it, how to submit the assignments etc.
  • You will need access to the Internet to read the background papers in this course and watch the videos that will be available to you through this course.
  • You can take this course on your phone or tablet as our course is fully responsive. It will work regardless of whether you are on a computer or a mobile device.
  • You will need to submit your assignments in a pdf format – full detailed instructions about it are provided at appropriate places in the course.

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