Metacognition in Learning and Teaching Languages


An accredited course for Educators and Language Enthusiasts. This is a one-time course fee. Upon successful payment, you will receive the welcome note, login ID, and Password to log on to our online learning platform.


Language is the base of all studies and knowledge. Languages provide the foundations for comprehending the world around us and beyond. In order to understand all the disciplines, the young people need to be equipped with good language skills. Their power to think, and express their thoughts correctly lies in languages.

In this course, we will see how Metacognition can help pupils become better language learners, we will also understand the ‘habits of mind for learning languages’ to ease the language learning process for students.

You will learn about:

  • Effective language learning methods
  • Pedagogy for language learning
  • Creating self-reflective language journals
  • Creating open-minded classrooms